Emergency Department Codes and Values

Emergency Department Codes and Values
The emergency room (ER) organization under review is the Johns Hopkins
Hospital Emergency Department. The vision of the hospital’s Emergency
Department is to be a department that provides high quality treatment to
the full spectrum of patients with innovation, collaboration and with
compassionate care. The mission of the department is to promote
excellence in research and teaching as well as offer quality care for
all patients with no regard of their ability to pay. This mission and
vision has been part of the organizational frameworks of the Emergency
Department since it foundation in the 1950s as a small accident room
(Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2013).
The core values of the Emergency Department are quality service with no
regard to ability of the customer to pay. This is the value that has
guided the facility since it bare foundation as a police patrol wagon
gave free ambulance services in addition to free accident services. This
is because the department strongly believes in the value of charitable
giving and care. The other value of the department is innovation,
collaboration in services and compassionate care in delivery of services
(Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2013).In addition, the department believes
highly in excellence in service delivery as it is encoded in it mission
statement since it foundation. The emergency department’s code of
ethics include collaboration requirement for the entire department’s
staff. The staff members need to be fast-paced and have highly varied
practice which gives them immediate sense of exposure and accomplishment
in any medical specialty.
There is a strong relationship between the department’s organizational
culture and it decision-making process in terms of ethical
considerations. Due to the strong organizational believe in charity and
free services to people, the department offers emergency services and
treatment to people regardless of their ability to pay for them (Johns
Hopkins Medicine, 2013).There is a strong relationship between the
educational services of the department and the value of excellence by
the department since it foundation. Not only is the department one of
the oldest emergency programs in the united states, but it is also one
of the most dynamic emergency service provider due to their strong
believe in innovation and collaboration.
Johns Hopkins Medicine, (2013). Department of Emergency Medicine.
Retrieved From,

13 September 2013

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