Dear Dr. Smith,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for calling my attention in this very urgent matter. I understand the great need to get to the resolution of this matter as soon as possible.
As the lead tutor for Professor Doe`s lecture, I have the responsibility to submit to the rules. Clearly, Professor Doe stated in his rules that – (1) no late assignments are accepted under any circumstances (2) no makeup quizzes are given under any circumstances (3) instructional handouts are available only from Professor Doe`s during her lecture class. I believe that giving students special favors to submit their assignments despite its tardiness would not be a beneficial method to instill the values of work ethics and professionalism.
Work ethics tells us about the need to conform to the standards set by the higher up, in this case, the professor. Professionalism tells us to be prompt in submitting reports and to be vigilant in following the guidebook in order for us to become respected professionals. In teaching our students these values, we also mold them to become great professionals in their respected fields in the future.
With regards to the issues on fairness and discipline, I understand that there could have been some misunderstandings on the part of tutors concerning Professor Doe`s policies. I never realized this issue until you called my attention on this. To stand clear on this matter, I promise to make further investigation regarding this concern and make positive resolutions right away.
Rest assured that the team is one with you in promoting good values to our future graduates. As such, I will ensure that fairness and discipline be imposed to all students in compliance to the rules set by Professor Doe.

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