Dance Concert Essay Dance Concert Essay

Dance has been a form of entertainment for centuries. All communities
have at least one unique dance that they can be identified with. Some
dances are acknowledged globally. Besides entertainment, dances can be
used to send a message across without the use of words. Ballet is one of
the genres that are used to send expressive messages. The music playing
in the background, the dancers` moves and the theatre setting and color
flashing all brought together bring not only a mind-refreshing moment
but also an educative opportunity.
Grupo Corpo is a Brazilian dance theatre that performs ballet
internationally. It was founded in 1975 by Paulo Pederneiras. The ballet
piece Bach was released in September 2006. It was choreographed by
Rodrigo Pederneira. The music was composed by John Sebastian Bach. The
set design and lighting were the combined effort of Paulo Pederneiras
and Fernando Velloso while the costume design was done by Freusa
Bach is a masterpiece of high ballet quality while at the same time
maintaining Grupo Corpo’s heritage of Afro-Brazilian dance. The six
duets in the piece have perfected their stage management such that one
would not know which duet exited and which one entered. The music and
the dancers moves are in sync the occasional leaps and lifts by dance
partners serve well as breath-taking moments.
Kirov Ballet is a Russian dance theater that stands on the foundation of
demonstrating beauty and elegance. Chopiniana, a 1908 ballet piece,
speaks of these qualities. It is full of innovation that unfolds through
Alexander Glazunov’s orchestration of the dancers. Barefooted, the
lead dancers present several themes. The first lead dancer leaps and
lands so softly as we inhale and exhale air. The second depicts a
sailing dream. She holds her entire body weight with one leg that acts
as a mast. The third creates an atmosphere of the need to rest. She
lowers her body supporting it with one leg and relaxes as though sinking
into sleep. The rest of the twenty five ladies supportively swayed in
their white, angelic dresses adding taste to the lead dancer’s theme.
The sole male dancer in this piece was a flop. His theme did not come
out clearly, maybe being the only male in a sea of beautiful ladies was
too overwhelming.
Nederlands Dans Theater is a Czechoslovakian dance group that was
directed by choreographer Jiri Kylan until his retirement in 2009. La
Cathedrale engloutie meaning ‘The Sinking Cathedral’ is a ballet
piece, which was first performed in 1910 in Paris based on Claude
Debussy’s music. The dance requires a lot of trust between the
partners who are mainly dancing in duets. The lifting, rolling on the
floor and dragging demand a lot of timeliness to keep up with the music.
Besides the trained steps, the dancers seem to be at ease and given to
their imagination as they move their bodies. Their costume is supportive
of the dance. For instance the need for enhanced knee support for the
numerous moves involving dragging on the floor with the body weight on
their knees. La Cathedrale engloutie is a dance that dares, taking the
thoughts of the dancer and the audience as well to reflect on the story
of a slow loss brought out by the theme song by Debussy.
There is minimal difference between watching a dance live and on video.
The thrill is not in the atmosphere but the dance moves. Among the three
pieces, Chopiniana won my vote for the best. The lighting, background
music and moves, were so well coordinated the dancers seemed almost
robotic. The part where twenty three dancers intertwined their arms,
heads and torso’s, to resemble open roses were a breathtaking moment
to relish. All three are outstanding ballet masterpieces that do well to
entertain as well refresh the mind.
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