Crime Analysis Technology

Crime Analysis Technology
Crime analysis is important in helping to prevent crime. The
information gathered during analysis is useful in informing the security
agencies on how crime is committed. Thus, policies formulated are able
to combat crime effectively because they are relevant to current crime
trends. Crime analysis also focuses on learning how crime is committed
so that the security agencies can create awareness about crimes (Casady,
2008). Technology has been very helpful in crime analysis, as it can
capture information that would otherwise be hard to capture by relying
on human intelligence. This paper shall discuss types of technology that
are necessary for accurate crime analysis.
The first technology is the use of closed circuit television (CCTV).
These are cameras that capture images of human action and display this
information on a computer monitor. The information is also stored in the
computer’s hard disk drive. This information can then be retrieved and
a comprehensive analysis carried out. The biggest advantage of this
technology is the ability to install the cameras in locations that
cannot be easily seen by people. This enables the cameras to go
undetected, and thus, they can capture all the necessary information
about a crime scene. Additionally, the ability to store information
ensures that even if someone commits a crime and attempts to destroy the
camera, the information captured still remains safe (Osborne & Wernick,
CCTV uses image capturing and video taking to collect information. The
information captured is in the form of still images and videos. The
other method used is through imaging where the images captured are made
clear through video editing features. This enables the user to convert
the images into high resolution images which helps in making the images
clearer. The information can also be collected through wireless voice
capturing technology. This captures the audio part of a crime, and this
can be useful during crime analysis because the words used can be useful
in understanding the world of a criminal.
He information stored is then stored on a computer’s hard disk drive.
The user can also use external storage devices to store information.
These storage facilities usually have unique softwares that encrypt
information in a way that this information can only be accessed by
specific people. The encryption is important because it enhances data
security. The software also prevents editing of information captured.
This ensures data security for purposes of data analysis. The storage
facilities have special anti- fire and anti destructive protection. This
safeguards the data in case of external tampering in the form of fires
of an attempt to destroy the hard disk drive. Data security is paramount
is crime scenes because it helps in storing the information as it was
captured, for purposes of accuracy in analysis (Osborne & Wernick,
Data retrieval is also a sensitive part in crime analysis. The data
stored should always be retrieved in its original form for accuracy
during analysis. Therefore, this data must be protected in order to
safeguard its credibility. The retrieval is done using special codes,
which are used in order to allow the retrieval of the information
stored. These codes are usually kept, under the care of one person to
enhance privacy. These codes are helpful in preventing tampering of the
data stored. For example, in the event that a murder has occurred in a
house with CCTV surveillance, the person who stores the codes for the
storage can access all the images and videos captured. This data is then
analyzed in order to get information about the murder.
Crime analysis is important because it helps in preventing crime. The
data collected through CCTV cameras can be used to analyze crime trends
and how crimes are committed. This analysis can then inform the security
agencies on how crime is committed and this helps in combating crime
(Casady, 2008). Additionally, the analysis can be used to formulate
public awareness programs on ways of preventing themselves from being
victims of crime. Thus, crime analysis is important to the public
because it helps in enhancing crime prevention and formulation of crime
prevention policies.
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