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Chico’s Inc. is retail store in the US in the clothing industry, and
the company mainly offers casual women clothing of all nature , though
its main target is those aged 35 years and above. The company has three
key brands, soma, and Chico’s and white house black market. The retail
store was founded in 1983 by Marvin Gralnick and his wife Helen. The
first store was opened in Florida and mainly sold sweaters and folk art
but was later refashioned after Gralnick realized that the sweaters
demand was rising. Currently the CHS mainly specializes in selling women
clothing through its three brands and has over 1000 retail in the U.S.
and neighboring state (Claire Ryan, 2010).
Chico’s Inc operates in the clothing Industry in the United States of
America and in Canada and other neighboring states. In the U.S. as is in
the rest of the world the women clothing industry is very competitive,
and Chico’s has undergone tremendous changes and development both in
how the stores are managed to the kind of employees recruited. The
market is flooded with small and medium retail stores and department
stores but since Chico’s Inc specializes in supplying clothing to a
specific demographic group, only high end retail stores pose a threat to
its market share (Claire Ryan, 2010.
Management personnel
CHS Inc. is led by a president who is the chief executive officers and
the overall leader of the three brands and all retail stores. There also
exist brand presidents for the three brands who are assisted by the vice
presidents, the six executive vice presidents have different roles and
have different titles ranging from financial officer, operating officer,
Information officer to secretary and general counsel. Additionally there
is an executive vice president who serves as the chief human resource
officer. The human resource officer is tasked with the roles of
structuring the organization and the most apt designing management
system that succinctly encompass all the aspects relating to the human
resource in Chico’s Inc (Claire Ryan, 2010).
Chico’s Inc business strategy
CHS boosts as having the most skilled store managers, well trained and
motivated workforce. The staffs at CHS stores are highly trained,
motivated and display one the most highest engagement levels in the
retail clothing industry in the U.S. The main strategy used by the
company to maintain and conquer more market is ensuring customer
satisfaction by maintaining a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. The
three brands of the company are meant to cater for a specific market
niche and thus diversify the portfolio of the company. The pass port
Program is key pillar in the firm, it is mainly meant to maintain
customer loyalty, and persuade customers to return to the outlet retail
stores in different states in the country by giving them a discount when
they return. The black market and the white house market programs are
also channeled in the same fashion and are meant to attract customers
and maintain the company’s market share (Claire Ryan, 2010.
The unique sizing of CHS clothes is specifically streamlined to cater
for the taste of the target demographic group, women aged 35 and above.
The staffs at the clothing stores are well trained in fashion, outfit
selection and play a huge role in maintain that the company does not
lose its market over the years as a result of the immense competition,
they do this by according customers attention, concern, guidance and
assistance at all times. Over the year Chico’s Inc has been selling
their own brand of clothing and other jewellery, their main market being
women, who the company describes as conscious of their clothing style
but rarely concerned about fashion. Nonetheless this does not mean that
Chico’s Inc has not invested in designing apt attire for this target
Currently the retail stores constitute over 90 percent of the total
sales while the remaining 5 percent comes from website and catalogue. In
the clothing industry, there are many players but the main competitors
include the Talbots, Anna Taylor and Coldwater Creek Banana republic.
Anna Taylor retail stores have been the main competitors over the years
but other young entrants have such as Talbots have entered the industry
and consumed as significant market share that was initially commanded by
Chico’s (Claire Ryan, 2010
Define the specific area of the business you plan to address
The most peculiar phenomena about Chico Inc is the drive, zeal, focus
and motivation of employees and the acuity and organization skills of
human resource managers in the company. The company has a policy of
selecting the best staff, highly trained and skilled in clothing
business and industry. This paper will by far and large investigate the
style, strategies and techniques applied by the management and
specifically the human resource manager to maintain such a highly
motivated workforce. Chico’s Inc runs more 1037 clothing retail stores
in 48 states in the United States and has employed hundreds of
individuals to serve in different capacities, such as, fashion designers
and retail managers (Claire Ryan, 2010).
With the advancement made in technology, and with the massive investment
in technology by many corporations all over the world, employee’s
motivation and engagement has become the most important aspect in the
business world that is shaping their destiny and maintaining their
competitive edge (Dougherty, 2012). The roles played by human resources
department in maintain a motivated workforce in any organization cannot
be underestimated (Laura Brown, 2012). They are the oil that keeps the
company machinery running through performing different tasks in
different departments.
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