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In the recent past, it has become crucial for businesses to have an effective change management, thus being able to acquire a competitive advantage in the market (Reiss, 2012). Ken Jones, the CEO and President of Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd indicates that, it is important for businesses to keenly look at the drivers of change, and then recalibrate their projects portfolios in order to gain from the change (Gale, 2012). However, there are various outcomes obtained if the change control process is not used. As indicated by Change Management Learning Center (2013), the main impact of not managing change is risks and costs, and these two aspects affects two levels which are initial or project level as well as the organizational level.
Project Level Impacts
This is related to some given initiatives or projects, which are not making change management. At this level, the project impacts technologies, tools and reporting structures, thus there is a risk of a change which fails to align itself with the purpose and scope of the project at hand. This outcome mainly arises due to the failure to poor performance measure and negative effects to the budget set. Other outcomes include
:: Obstacles appear unexpectedly
:: Project fails to deliver results
:: Resources not made available
:: Project is fully abandoned (Change Management Learning Center, 2013).
Organizational level
At an organizational level, the risks and costs are felt by the entire organization, majority of which goes beyond the lifecycle of a project at hand. At this stage, the risk outcomes include
* Legacy of failed change
* Impact on customers,
* Morale declines
* Stress, confusion, fatigue
* Impact on suppliers
* Change saturation (Change Management Learning Center, 2013).
Generally, there is the need for a firm to effectively manage change, thus being able to mitigate the above risks.
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