Assessment of Intelligence

Through the information provided regarding Cyril Burt and intelligence
testing, there is an interplay between research, theory and personal
belief. A personal belief acts as an establishing factor of proving a
theory through research. Cyril Burt had personal beliefs regarding the
issue of heredity of intelligence, which he could only support through
the use of research. This indicates that a belief can only be proved to
become a theory through the use of research. This is depicted in the
various arguments that Cyril Burt presents regarding intelligence. In
one of his opinions, he had a personal belief that 100% of intelligence
cannot be inherited ( HYPERLINK
“” ). He argued that environmental
influences were exceedingly vital in the inheritance of intelligence.
However, he had to prove that this was the case through the use of
research. This shows the vitality of research in supporting a personal
opinion, which shows that there is interplay between the two.
The importance of research after having a personal belief clearly
emerges in the work of Burt. His work was accused of using fraudulent
twin data in supporting the personal belief that the influences of the
environment were vital in the inheritance of intelligence ( HYPERLINK
“” ). The use of fraudulent data
implies that his personal belief could not be supported in order to
become a theory. This shows interplay between the three variables. A
theory is related to a personal belief through the use of research,
which clearly supports the belief. Hence, the three variables are
correlated. Without the availability of a personal belief, it is
exceedingly difficult to conduct a certain research because a research
has to be based on a certain belief or proposition. This indicates the
relation that two variables have: a personal belief or opinion has to be
formed first in order to conduct research regarding the personal belief.
On the other hand, a theory cannot be developed without supporting
evidence that can only be in existence via research. The presence of
flaws in a research leads to a disregard of a personal belief and the
theory developed by the belief. Thus, a personal belief can only become
supported by research in becoming a fully developed theory. Hence, there
is an interplay between research, theory and personal beliefs.
Personal beliefs, theory and research are all crucial variables.
Personal beliefs act as the initiating factor for carrying out research,
which makes it a vital factor in the development of a theory. Without
personal beliefs, research would not be conducted since there would be
no personal beliefs to be investigated. Besides, without personal
beliefs a theory concerning a certain aspect would not be developed.
Research is also of importance since it seeks to find out whether a
personal belief is true. In case a personal belief is true, it implies
there are supportive evidences developed through research. Research is
also crucial because it leads to the development of a theory a theory
cannot be developed without a research being conducted. A theory is
crucial since it provides certainty of a personal belief. Although all
the three are vital, personal beliefs and research are the most crucial
factors. This is because without personal beliefs and research, it would
be potentially infeasible to develop a theory. That is, the two must
coexist in order to develop a certain theory.
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