Argumentative Essay

A debate has been brought forward regarding the issue of whether
university students should be forced to attend all the classes, or
whether attending classes should be optional to the students. Weighing
the benefits of attending all the classes and having an option of
whether to attend or not, gives the best option in the debate. Emanating
from the benefits that attending all the classes has on the students, I
would argue that university students should be required to attend
One of the reasons why students should be required to attend classes is
because students have the benefit of receiving teacher’s knowledge.
Tutors are usually knowledgeable in the specific areas that they teach
and this knowledge cannot be replaced by other reading materials that
students opt to use rather than attending classes. Whatever is written
in the books gives a less practical example than what the teacher
teaches in class the tutor will, in most cases, provide practical
examples to match what he is teaching, but books or other reading
materials may not. Therefore, attending all classes equips a student
with not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge.
Besides, students should be required to attend classes in order to keep
focused on the studies. Attendance of classes makes students concentrate
on their studies because once in class, they will avoid out of class
businesses and activities, thus tune their minds to studies. If classes
were optional, it would be exceedingly difficult to keep students
focused on their studies since they would irregularly attend classes
making it difficult to keep in touch with whatever the lecturer is
teaching. Therefore, attending classes makes students focus on studies
and keep the students abreast with their career.
A requirement to attend classes encompasses one of the rules established
in a university therefore, attending classes is a show of respect and
discipline to an institution’s rules. Hence, attending classes
prepares students for their future career in the workplace, where they
would be required to attend to work without failure and show respect to
the rules of the workplace. Attending classes on time rather than
staying in bed late and making studies whenever students want, prepares
students for punctuality in their future career. In addition, attending
classes gives students an opportunity to interact with others as they
discuss topics with the lecturer through the various viewpoints given
by fellow students, students get an opportunity to learn other
intelligent thoughts from their friends. Furthermore, students should be
required to attend classes since their chief reason of going to
university is developing their career it is remarkably difficult to
develop a career by not attending classes since irregular attendance of
classes makes students lose focus.
In conclusion, students should be required to attend classes because
attending classes help students to gain immense knowledge from the tutor
and from fellow students. The tutor has the capacity of giving practical
examples, which relate to the subject being taught and students, in
class, give different intelligent viewpoints during class discussions,
which add to the knowledge of other students. Besides, attending classes
is of benefit because attending classes on time prepares students for
their future career in the workplace. Therefore, looking at the benefits
that attending classes have, individuals that think attending classes,
in the university, should be optional are usually misleading.

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