Argumentative Essay About Should Uniforms Be Required for High School Students?

A debate regarding whether high school students must wear uniforms, when
they go to school, is a chief concern to all schools since it helps them
in deciding whether putting on school uniforms is necessary or not. The
wearing of uniforms by high school students is a vital element because
uniforms help in creating uniformity among the students and depict
students as organized. Besides, school uniforms erase financial
differences among students, which help in creating equality between the
affluent and the poor. Failure to wear uniforms when in school makes it
difficult to distinguish between strangers and students. Besides,
failure to wear school uniforms helps in enhancing the creation of
discrimination among the students that are from affluent families and
those from poor families this emanates from a lack of equality in terms
of the clothing that students put on when going to school. Uniforms are
also vital as they help in decreasing violence in schools. Therefore,
wearing of school uniforms by high school students need to be enforced
by all schools. This assignment will argue why high school students must
be required to wear uniforms.
Students in high school, should be required to wear uniforms, when they
go to school because uniforms help in erasing financial differences that
may exist between students. High school students attending school come
from different backgrounds some come from rich families while others
come from poor families and others do not even have families to
associate themselves with. Because of the difference in backgrounds,
students are likely to have varying affordability when it comes to
clothing. There are those students that will have enough resources to
purchase expensive clothing while others will not afford the clothes
that they desire this depends with the ability of parents to afford the
clothing. However, such a case will only appear if there are no school
uniforms. School uniforms help in eliminating the issue of some students
wearing expensive clothing while others wear cheap clothing that is,
uniforms equate all students without regard to their backgrounds.
Besides, school uniforms saves cost of clothing as parents are only
required to purchase a certain uniform for school and a few clothes to
wear at home, when not in school. This relieves parents the burden of
purchasing a lot of clothes, which are exceedingly expensive. If
students were to attend school in their preferred clothes, students from
well-up families are likely to wear expensive clothes, which may make
students from humble backgrounds feel inferior. Therefore, wearing of
school uniforms eliminates financial differences between students from
humble and well-up backgrounds.
School uniforms are crucial to a school since they help in giving a
school good image in its organization to the community and the public.
When students are in uniforms, they help in instilling school pride and
unity. Through students wearing a certain uniform, they depict that they
pride themselves in their school and show their willingness to follow
set rules in the school, which is a show of discipline. Therefore, a
school that emphasizes on students wearing uniforms reflects its image
to the society as an institution that is organized and guided by some
rules. Students that wear uniform to school show their commitments to
the school and show their self-image to the community that they identify
with a given school since school uniforms help students in focusing
with their studies, they are likely to perform well in school.
Therefore, their performance builds a good image of the school both in
the community and public. However, students that do not wear uniforms in
school are usually unruly and are likely not to concentrate in their
studies, which implies that they are likely to fail in their exams.
Failure of these students builds a bad image of the school both in the
community and in public. Besides, school uniforms are likely to build on
the image of a school through enhancing the performance of students
because uniforms save time, which can be used by students in doing their
studies. Rather than wasting time in choosing the clothing to wear to
school, uniforms save this time. Hence, school uniforms are vital in
building a school’s reputation in the community and the public as a
High school students must be required to wear school uniforms as they
are of benefit to the students and the school. A benefit of wearing
uniforms is that they eliminate the existence of financial differences
amid students that is, uniforms eliminate the opportunity of students
from affluent families from coming to school with expensive clothing
that may affect the studies of students from a humble background as they
can feel inferior because they cannot afford expensive clothing.
Besides, school uniforms are beneficial because they help students in
focusing with their studies. This improves their performance in school
and helps in offering the school good image in the eyes of the public.
Hence, high school students must be required to wear uniforms and this
should be enforced by all schools.

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