Andrea Yates Andrea Yates

In my opinion, this tragedy would have been prevented if people close to
Andrea Yates had been keen enough to notice signs of depression. As the
passage states, her husband lacked empathy and had a task to explain his
wife’s mental conditions as she lapsed into silence but he did not. He
said that he avoided being nosy and let her be what she wanted. Her
psychiatrist had also warned Andrea and her husband on the dangers of
relapse when she stopped using antipsychotic drugs, but they ignored
him. Her family had a history of mental illness, but they remained
unmoved by her condition and how her husband was handling her condition.
Her friends did not bother to find out what was happening to her when
she went silent on them, but made the assumption that she enjoyed her
own company.
Rusty made decisions without having to consult his wife in order to find
out how she felt about it. When he got a chance to go to Florida, he
leased out their house and sold their stuff and was not moved by how
weird his wife’s silence was. Though she did not talk, her husband’s
decision did not please her and could be the reason that she started
developing depression. Living in a bus seemed to upset her and made her
mental condition worsen. He also did not allow her to have friend visit
her and always belittled her. She suffered from low self esteem.
The victims in this case are the five innocent children who died. When
Andrea had tried to commit suicide by taking 40 pills, her sons were
there, and they witnessed it. It is stated in the article that her sons
cried uncontrollably. The five children were helpless, and there is
nothing that they could have done to change the situation.
Andrea’s illness started as early as when she was in her teenage. She
always kept her confidence and would not let people get close enough.
She minded her own business and thus expected other people to mind their
business, as well. After her first child, she had a weird vision where
she saw an image of a knife followed by someone being stabbed. She did
not tell anyone about it. It is also clearly stated that her stresses
seemed to converge in 1999 after taking the bus to the Grand Canyon.
From my own evaluation, I do not think that Andrea’s family and Rusty
were knowledgeable about mental illness. They did not react to
Andrea’s mental condition early enough, which would have prevented the
tragedy. Her family noticed how quiet she was and did not get bothered.
After getting married, Rusty says that she would be silent, and he
avoided nagging her rather than find out what was troubling her. When
she attempted suicide, her family and Rusty were supposed to watch her
every move to ensure that she did not do harmful things to herself or
the children. It seems they did not know that she was suffering from
If I were the jury, I would have voted not guilty due to insanity. This
is because no sane person can take the lives of his/ her innocent
children. Andrea deserved to be taken to a psychiatric hospital rather
than being taken to prison. Andrea had shown symptoms of mental
disorder, but nothing was done. Her relatives knew she was always
withdrawn, but instead of taking her for counseling, they did nothing
about it. Rusty is also to blame for letting things go out of hand since
he was aware that Andrea portrayed symptoms of depression. The
psychiatrists who treated her in the past did not provide the necessary
medical history to Dr. Saeed. He, therefore, did not know what she had
been given earlier.
The insurance company guided Rusty in finding Devereux Texas Treatment
Network where Andrea was to be hospitalized. The psychiatrists and other
health professionals helped in identifying the right medication and
treatment for Andrea which changed her to a better person. It would have
been better if Andrea had received treatment from one psychiatrist who
had a clear history of her mental condition. Dr. Saeed did not know
whether Andrea had used Haldol before and discontinued the treatment
when he thought that they were affecting her. In order to avoid the
tragedy, she was supposed to be assigned someone who would ensure that
she took her medication regularly.
While concluding, it is worth noting that it is crucial to always try
and understand what people are going through in their lives. When
someone has weird mood swings and later becomes withdrawn calls for an
urgent action to avoid tragedies in the future. Stress develops into
depression and later into a mental condition that takes a long to be
reversed. Having a supportive spouse helps in overcoming stress and
depression. This is because it is possible to share with one`s spouse
and find a solution to the stress.

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