Affordable Care Act

Affordable care act hurting or helping the middle class people who
already have insurance
The sample group will include a group selected from insured middle
income earners and the method to use in selecting the sample group
simple random sampling. The sample group will be required to vote as
independent voters, the voting will be carried out online so the sample
group will respond and give their response in terms of those in favor of
the affordable care act as helpful to them and those against the
affordable care act as hurting to them (Babbie, 2014). The major issue
facing my selected group is, the increase of their wages does not keep
up with the inflation going on. The inflation makes it hard for the
middle income earners to afford to maintain their lifestyle thus making
a downward mobility. According to survey carried out in the year 2007
the findings showed that 18% of the middle income earner could not
afford to pay for their insurance due to economic hardship. These
individuals are among the group that is against the affordable care act.
Social stratification that contribute to the problem
The social stratification that contributes to the problem include the
demographic issue this contribute to the problem of failure of the wages
paid to the middle income earners making up to the inflation in the
following sense failure of the income paid adjusting with the changes
occurring such as increase in the size family. Another social factors
contributing to the issue is wage inequalities where by some of the
middle income earners are paid are far much. This means that some of
the middle income earners are at ease to pay for the affordable care
without having to strain financially while other are feel burdened by
the payment.
Economic factors that influence the population segment include increase
in the price of goods, increase in paying for rental houses. In addition
to this middle income earners are deducted huge cost in order to cover
insurance cover even for the unemployed. the reason as to why this is
the most affected group is because the upper class are reluctant to pay
for the medical cover. While the lower the class are catered for by the
government which imposes huge taxes on the middle class. This explain
the reason as to why there are so many middle class earners opposing the
affordable care act.
Environmental factors that influences middle income earners
This involves the nature of work that those in this class and the and
whether the individual is situated in a city a small town or in the
rural areas. This factor influences the middle income earner in the
sense expensive. Thus in such places a middle income earner will be
forced to strain to even afford to pay for the insurance cover. Other
environmental factors include accessibility to health care facilities
whereby it becomes a challenge for the middle income earner to access
medical services regardless of the fact that he or she is paying for the
service (Environment for children: understanding and acting on the
environment hazards that threaten children and their parents. 1996).
This may be caused either due to too much formalities required before
one access help, congestion or distance.
Political factors that poses a challenge to resolving the issues
Politics may affect the resolving of the issue in the sense that
politicians are responsible for implementation of the affordable care
act and furthermore allocating budget to the act in order to foresee its
full implementation. Thus politicians may play dirty politics by
inciting people to oppose the acts without valid reason. In addition to
this, politicians may fail to allow the funding of this project by the
government thus causing more difficulties in trying to resolve the
Psychological factors that poses a challenge to resolving the issues
The psychological factors include the feeling that paying for the is
causing financial strain on the middle income earner may make them
protest against being taxed for the affordable care. In addition to
this, inflation being experienced in the United States today has led to
increase in the cost of living this is stressing to middle class earners
and poses a challenge in resolving the issues.
Historical factors that poses a challenge to resolving the issues
In the United the middle class are known to be the ones burden with pay
for the low income earners this may pose as a challenge should the
middle income earners protest against paying for the affordable care
through their taxes. In addition, the democrats and the republican are
known not to see things eye to eye and thus it is likely that the
disagreement between the two groups may pose a challenge in resolving
the issue.
This research will compose of the middle income earners as the sample
group and it will take approximately one month to be conducted depending
on the participant the project might take less time from staffing
perspective the project can take two people to conduct it one to gather
the data and the other one to compile it. In my opinion the statistical
analysis tool to use would be chi-square. The research will provide
information about people feelings on affordable care act.
Babbie, E. R. (2014). The basics of social research.
Environment for children: understanding and acting on the environment
hazards that threaten children and their parents. (1996). London:
Earthscan Publications.

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